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We're More Than Just Books

Our media center serves as a resource to our whole school community, including students, staff and parents. We are excited to offer high-quality, diverse books at every reading level, helping students to develop and nurture a love of reading. The media center also provides instruction and experience with digital citizenship, robotics and coding, makerspace and STEM, and information retrieval best practices.

Our media staff will inspire students with a love of reading and lifelong learning, empower students to be responsible and efficient users of technology and information, and prepare students to excel in the area of media skills, digital resources and research.

Please come and visit our media center and see what students are up to!

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What is a Makerspace?

Makerspaces are areas made for creating, learning, exploring and sharing. Students use a variety of high-tech (robotics and circuitry) and no tech (pipe cleaners and Play-Doh) items to bring learning to life. Everything is tactile and engaging, from “Squishy Circuits” to “Makey Makey” items. Students can explore STEM concepts, collaborate with peers to problem solve, and show their learning in new ways. Critical thinking is essential and, most importantly, students love it!

At Centennial, we have been incorporating makerspace activities into student activities for a while, but the new spaces have really helped us to expand the program. Currently, our media specialist leads makerspace activities for students in grades K-5. The media specialist also collaborates with the preschool teacher to provide materials they can use in their classroom to support instruction. 

Makerspace Photos

Students showing off engineering projects
Exploring robotics at the Centennial makerspace



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