Student Life

A group of students engage in hands on learning at Centennial Elementary

After School Activities

Students sign during the 4th and 5th Grade choir concert at Centennial Elementary School

Learning extends beyond the classroom, and we believe that participation in extracurricular programs can support creativity, leadership and relationship building skills. Discover our variety of after-school activities and information about registration.

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Field Trips

Four students pose with giant shark teeth on a class field trip.

Field trips are an exciting part of our students' experience and offer unique opportunities for learning outside the classroom. Access field trip details, logistics, permission slip information and more.

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Media Center

Students dressed up in Dr. Seuss costumes and pose with book.

The media center provides our students with a space for exploration, creativity and digital learning. Explore our resources and learn about how the media center enriches students' academic experience. 

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Student Council

Students and teachers celebrate Unity Day at Centennial Elementary School

Student council provides a chance for students to explore leadership roles, think strategically and engage with their larger community. Learn about student council, upcoming events and initiatives. 

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Student Support Services

A student and teacher talk in the hallway at Centennial Elementary School

We meet our students at their level to provide the care and individual attention they need to succeed. Read more about our full range of student support services.  

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