Winter Walking Day Fashion Show

Fuzzy hoods, festive face masks, flashy parkas and the occasional unicorn costume dotted the red carpet at Centennial Elementary’s first-ever Winter Fashion Show & Photo Shoot. Students looked chic and stylish for the cameras, showing off their favorite cold-weather accessories, such as cozy scarves, warm mittens and fantastic hand-knit caps. Rumor has it that a few penguins were even spotted around the school.

It was only 28 degrees as the bells rang, but despite the brisk morning more than 50 students walked to school ,too. That’s because the fashion show was part of Winter Walking Day. These intrepid kiddos got an extra warm welcome at the front door and a very cool “I’m a winter walker” sticker to wear on their jackets.

Walking is always a nice way to get to school. Enjoy the fresh air and spend a little more time together as a family. For more information about walking to school, including maps of great places to walk near Centennial, please visit our Safe Routes to School web page.

Winter Fashion Show and Photo Shoot