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Supporting the Well-Being of Our Community

The Richfield Health Resource Center is a community resource developed through a partnership between the Richfield School District, Park Nicollet Health Services, Children's Dental Services, Portico Healthnet and the Park Nicollet Foundation. At the Richfield Health Resource Center, we serve children and youth who live in or attend school in Richfield (from birth through 21 years).

Care at the Richfield Health Resource Center is confidential and free, regardless of health insurance coverage.


The Richfield Health Resource Center is located through door 13A at Richfield High School. Do not enter the high school through the main entrance.

Richfield Health Resource Center Parking

  • The parking lot is located on 70th Street and Pleasant Avenue, next to the railroad tracks and the athletics field. There is a red sign at the entrance to the parking lot that says "Richfield Health Resource Center."
  • The entrance is located at door 13A at the far end of the parking lot.

Walking from the Central Education Center / Community Education

  • As you walk toward the high school from the Central Education Center, head toward the right side of the building next to the football field and railroad tracks.
  • The entrance is located at door 13A. 

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Map to Door 13A

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Student Stories

Going into my senior year of high school, I wasn’t mentally prepared for even the simplest tasks that I had to accomplish throughout the day. At times I had felt that I had nowhere to turn to, nobody to rely on, and no way of bettering myself. With my many difficulties that I have been dealing with, the Richfield Health Resource Center was quick to come to my aid. I was someone who had zero experience with therapy, and had no idea what to expect. But now I can say that I am more than comfortable with coming in, and can always expect a kind and warm welcome. Overall the Health Resource Center has improved my health and wellness in many ways. From learning new ways to cope with anxiety, to just being able to rely on someone to talk to when I feel isolated. With the friendly and courteous people of the Health Center, it is now so much easier to come into school and do my everyday routine.

The Health Resource Center has impacted my life tremendously. I get a lot of helpful resources and support from the center. For example, being able to be a part of the telehealth program, receiving help from my therapist in a safe and trusting environment. I am so thankful for the
Health Resource Center for giving me the support and help that I needed.
Especially thankful for the center being very convenient since it is in the Richfield High School. I feel mentally stable and comfortable with who I am as a person because of the Health Resource Center and how
they make me feel safe ever since my freshman year, when I would get checked up in the clinic. I love going there for my check-ups or any quick health scares because I feel like they know me very well and they listen to my worries and make me feel comfortable and do not judge me. So, thank you!

At first, I wasn't sure that the RHRC had a therapist that would be fit for me because of what I've gone through. I thought someone that was more focused on similar experiences to mine would help out more. That may still be true but I also judge too quickly sometimes and I have. I decided to stick with it and so far it ́s been working out. This has helped with the direction I want
to go and has elements of looking back while carrying the important stuff forward. I don ́t feel judgment when I ́m in my sessions. I am able to open up, even if I am anxious to do so. When I don ́t open up during the sessions, it helps me to be more open to people I ́m close to afterward. Through my sessions, I have picked up on stuff that helps me like being allowed to express how I feel even if I think others wouldn't like it. Without this program, I think I wouldn't be as in touch with myself as I am now, or in a positive way. I had previous knowledge of looking inward and knowing what's up but I wouldn't have positive solutions all the time. For me, it ́s been safe to be myself and talk about relationships that are currently in my life. Which helped reaffirm that someone that was in my life wasn't good for me. I know that this program will help me progress more and that it will continue to help others as well. I really appreciate this program and I can only hope that other schools will be able to go in this direction as well. 

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Closed throughout the summer. The RHRC will reopen in August 2024. 


612-798-6020 (During open hours)


Richfield High School (Door #13A)
Room 186
7001 Harriet Ave. S.
Richfield, MN, 55423

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