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2022-23 District Handbook

Notice of Copyright
This Model Student Handbook is protected by copyright. The Minnesota School Boards Association (MSBA) wants school districts to make the best use of this Model Student Handbook but must also protect its copyright. With these goals in mind, the MSBA authorizes the copying and use of its materials in the following contexts:
  1. School districts that have purchased this Model Student Handbook may use, copy, download and incorporate any portion of these materials in the development of their own handbooks.
  2. Distribution of any portion of these materials to other school districts, entities or persons who have not purchased the Model Student Handbook is strictly prohibited.
  3. Student handbooks are public documents in the hands of a school district and must be made available for inspection to members of the public upon request. Copying and use of these materials by the public, however, is subject to the copyright laws and these materials cannot be reproduced or used, except as outlined above, without permission from MSBA.
If you wish to copy and use this Model Student Handbook in ways not authorized above, you must obtain permission from the MSBA. Call the MSBA at 507-934-2450 or 1-800-324-4459 for more information. Failure to receive such permission is a violation of our copyright. All authorized copies must reflect MSBA’s notice of copyright.

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