The Case for Soft Pretzels

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The Case for Soft Pretzels

It all started when Mr. Boie’s fifth grade class at Sheridan Hills Elementary approached Kitchen Manager Sherri Medvec with an idea: soft pretzels for lunch. At her suggestion, the students came together and wrote a thoughtful and compelling note to Director of Nutrition Services Michael Manning. Students used logical reasoning, as well as research and quantitative data, to advocate for the addition of soft pretzels as a lunch option. The letter stated: 

“Dear Michael, 

Do you like soft pretzels? Well we hope so! We think our school's lunch menu should include soft pretzels. We think this because I surveyed my class and 22 out of 24 people like soft pretzels. Also based on recent google searches we know that they are easy to make and not super hard. We hope that you consider adding soft pretzels to the school menu.” 


Mr. Boie’s 5th graders.”

Today, elementary students across the district enjoyed soft pretzels with cheese on the lunch menu thanks to the initiative of Mr. Boie’s class. Student voice matters in RPS and it was fun to see the expression on their faces when they realized their case for soft pretzels was a success!

students note
student with pretzel
student with pretzel

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