Fall 2021 Enrollment Survey

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Dear Richfield Parents and Guardians,

As we prepare for the 2021-22 school year, we would like to know if you would prefer to enroll your child(ren) in an online program, hybrid program or in-person program.

We know it may be difficult to make this decision so far in advance, so we are just asking for a “soft commitment.” In other words, if you had to choose today, what option is most likely? We know things may change over the next few months, and that’s ok. This is not a final commitment.

We are asking you for this information so that we can allocate staffing for our schools—especially when it comes to in-person and remote teaching staff for the upcoming school year.

  • Option 1: Students would attend school in person for five days per week.
  • Option 2: Students would attend distance learning classes five days per week.
  • Option 3: Students would attend distance learning classes three or four days per week and attend an in-person class once or twice per week.


  • Complete this survey no later than Friday, May 21.
  • If you have more than one child, please complete one survey for each of them.
  • You will be asked to verify your identity with your child's birthdate and your child's full first name before submitting this survey. Enter their birthdate in the mm/dd/yyyy format (i.e. 02/07/2021). Note that the days and months are two digits each and the year is four digits.

If you are having difficulty completing the survey, please contact your child’s school and they can assist you.

Fall 2021 Enrollment Survey

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We are collecting all school-issued technology between June 2-9. This includes Chromebooks, cords, snap-on cases and wireless hotspots.

COVID-19 Update: May 2021

As you may have heard in Governor Walz’s announcement this week, he is loosening restrictions related to COVID-19 effective Memorial Day weekend. While this is good news, we want to remind you that the pandemic is not over and case rates continue to be high in Hennepin County. Please continue to follow best practices like regularly washing your hands, staying home when you are sick, etc. Here is additional guidance from the State of Minnesota.